Piano Lesson PianoMan App Reviews


Great app :D


Vraiment génial!

Best app




Weekly gift neden hiç değişmiyor????! Lütfen artık ...



Clearly I cannot play anymore

I had this for 2 years and now I have to update it! It doesn’t even let me. I still haven’t deleted the app just in case it pops up to update it.

Please update

I love this game but doesn’t work with iOS 11, please update I’ll even pay

Can't play any other songs

As soon as i start the app it says "transmission failed please re-open app and try again" happened on my phone and my ipad. Checked my network connection and it was fine so can only really play that default songs.

Needs updates

I love this game but the it won't let me play my purchased music anymore. It would be great if it was fixed.

Love it

Love it

Might be good?

I was really hoping this app was good but I get NO sound when I try to play. Real bummer. It might be a great learning tool.


I like this app so much because i get to play the music i love the most but when i log in on to my account it wont let me use the app unless i delete the app and upload it again so it would log me out of the app

Please fix

I've waited for five minutes for the game to load but it still wouldn't.

Great Game

Some of the challenges are a bit unrealistic but I would still recommend the game. Best solitaire ever.


The game keeps glitching and I get an ErrorPP in the piano shop. It won't change the weekly gift for me no matter how many times I delete it off my cell, it keeps messing up.

New songs!

I love this game and I would have given it 5 stars but I'm tired of playing the same songs the last couple of months now. You only get to play the weekly gift weekly of course but it goes in a circle until your right back to that same song. This would be an ever better game simply if u just add some more songs. I'm sadly ready to delete and download another app for that only reason and my friends feel the same way. and another thing it's not fair that ur only adding songs ONLY IN JAPAN!


I love this game because of the U.S. songs you provide, but you get a ticket for only a week. It should be an unlimited amount of use. Now that my trial is done I don't want to waste $5 just for a week again. A lot more people would love to purchase this if it was unlimited use

Great but......

Great app, fun to play but it needs update for iPhone 5 support. It also needs an update because it Needs new songs and you shouldn't have to have Wi-Fi for this game.

I used to love but

This used to be my favorite game I liked competition it says that that is an online thing still. I've had since original and original was still best. I liked when I could play against computer people when you don't have Internet access because iPods need wifi. I am very upset please update back to old I'm so very disappointed. I want to be able to play competition mode anywhere. I don't like having to have wifi. And I'm sure iPhone users don't like using their data to play. Would rather be able to choose when to play computer people or through the interweb.

Love it! NOT!

Writes a review for me saying how great the app is? Uhh no. That's BS. $6 for one song? Go cram this app! No good

Love it.

I've been playing this app for a few years now. I've became a master. But the profiles need to be updated so we can follow and verse each other. Also I've been deranked several times. I've had to start over a few times. This app needs a tune up.

Excellent if it's the older version.

Update: March 3rd, 2013: I'm glad I haven't updated in a long time because I see all the unhappy people with the changes and it's not cool. I've kept this app the same for probably 2 years now. I've not even gotten any new free gift songs because I can't buy the Bach 2 inventions "inventio" 13 I wanted, and they said they would add it, long ago. They haven't. Plus, so many of the songs in the shop say connection error, so I can't find new material. They really need new songs to choose from and an app that works so we can preview them. This app used to be excellent. The old version, that is. Bring it back, plus more songs to preview and play! Update: August 2011- So I noticed they got greedy and are now charging $1.99 a song instead of the .99 they were. Plus, I was told last year or early this year Bach 2 inventions "inventio" 13 would be available to buy...it's not! And if I update I will lose the song which is frequently in the free weekly, which you don't get to keep and it doesn't change every week. I want to get that one Bach song. Also, they don't have much to choose from once you buy the classic hits of Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, etc. I mean, I still love playing this and I love being able to play the songs, but the price hike, lack of catchy new songs, and broken promises make me angry. I went ahead and updated because they had that Bach 13 again for the free song to play for awhile, thinking perfect time to do it and see what new songs were available. Meh, nothing that is very flowy or melodic. How about some new stuff that is pretty? And the Bach! This is a wonderful app. It sounds just like a piano and has several free songs to play. You can buy other songs from the store. I'm having issues with the store preview songs to play so I can hear them. I can shut the program and try again and that helps. I would like to see more songs added but I hope the program doesn't change as it's nice as it is. This is definitely a favorite!! It's kinda like DDR for piano. Update: I want to add a request concering the timing of when we tap the keys and when the circles light up. For instance, I can play a song without one mistake and the timing calibration on it is too sensitive or something because it will never give a perfect score or it will make the circle red, saying I messed up but I didn't. It's like the timing is too strict. What I've heard some songs played like, and some of these are sometimes a tad different. Not many. But I just think that if we get it hit before it goes past the keyboard and was hit at a reasonable time then it should be counted for and not against us. And sometimes I will press it right before it hits the circle and it will count it against me, but the timing is still good. Sometimes I will have already tapped it but it goes red because it didnt catch it or doesn't catch it; therefore, counted against me. New songs would be cool. Soundtracks? Sarah McLachlan or something as well? Another question: why aren't the weekly gifts added to the piano man list of songs to play?! Makes me not want to get the update sometimes. You need to add them to the list we can choose to play from. Also, still waiting on some different kinds of music that is piano. =)


I think this app is perfectly fine so stop making whoever made this app feel bad I'm just glade it's a piano for crying out loud

LOVE IT but one problem... :(

When you go under weekly gifts it gives you one song witch I'm fine with but, when it gives you a new song it takes the other away!!! I was barely starting to get the hang of it the I try to come back to it, it's was gone..just let us keep the song it was a GIFT.


Wow. Why did I get this app! It doesn't even have clear instructions! No affiances. But really. I don't need to know how to play piano to know that it isn't good. I looked up "Piano Man by Billy Joel" and I found a pic of someone playing this app. I came to conclusion that they were playing the song. But they weren't. They were playing an old classical music app. And I thought it could help me, but I was wrong. It only confused me more! Please don't buy this app if you get confused with notes or you can't spend money on apps or you just don't like classical music! I suggest "Magic Piano" or "Piano HD" if your like me.

Love it but I want clear rules.

I can't seem to find the rules listed anywhere, I have played nearly perfect rounds only to get lower scores than someone who clearly hasn't. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and would like clearly defined rules as to what gets a perfect score.

Best piano lesson app I've tried

I tried all the other piano lesson apps and this is the best by far, you don't have to buy the good songs or unlock them, you just learn to play them! Awesome piano app!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what everyone else is talking about "spam generator"??? Watching too much porn on their iPad and they're getting pop ups and viruses lol!!


Don't waste your time with this app. It is a spam generator. U sign up for all sorts of crap in order to get...nothing of use.

Dont buy!

This stinks!you have to buy good songs! Do Not buy even no Its free

Cool love this app

I really like this app


I did not like this at all! So glad it was a free app! This app does not effectively teach one how to play the piano.


No instructions, the sound just plays over what I am playing, so it doesn't matter what I do. This is a horrible app

Does not make sound

The sound does not work. :(

No sound!

It WAS a wonderful application when it had sound! After the update to IOS 6 it lost the sound... Please fix!

No sound!!

The app starts and no sound....checked settings and everything. Restarted iPad still no sound...but other apps have sound...c'mon man


Like it

I love it!

I love this app! The only thing is that I am missing my favorite song which is Beethoven Tempest Sonata No.17, Opus 31 No.2 in D Minor, Allegretto... PLEASE PUT THIS SONG BACK ON!!!


Deleting this app. Can't log in, sounds really horrible and haven't learned anything, plus it looks like I have to spend money to play if I could ever get it to work!


I love the my grandfathers clock song


It won't let u get new songs and I can't hear it it dosent make noise anymore since the last update.hate this app


When I tap on this app all it does is go right back to the home screen I would of appreciated it if they just would have left it the way it was!

Great app

Great app and all but after update it wouldn't open I deleted then download it again and I put my account info in and check for the song I bought and they weren't there good thing I didn't spend any real money only point so its not a lost to me :(


I thought i could take something from This app back to my piano but the notes dono really match the background music and it doesnt teach you Anything it just Plays background music and tells u the notes for the melody


U have to spend real money to use this app.

Hated it

This is not what I planned the app should be like. So I hated it!!!!! Wouldn't let me log in!!! Needs improvement : (!!!!! I mean it!!!

Inconvenient App

Okay, so I'm a big piano fan, I've played all my life, and when I came across this app, I thought it was a great idea. I mean it's free right? Well I was terribly mistaken. This app requires you to buy a so called "ticket" when you want to "learn" or play a popular or ideal song, and you are only allowed to play it for either 7 or 30 days (may I just remind you, you have to pay real money, just to be able to play a song for a limited time!). You also have the option of using PP which can also be used to purchase songs (mostly classical) that you may have in your piano lesson library forever. Occasionally you also have to purchase PP as well. I recommend that you change the policy for the "ticket" songs, and just let people play the songs forever. I mean they're spending more money than could possibly buy a good app game from the apple store. Another issue that has crossed my path is that this app takes EONS to load. When I first open it, it takes about 5 minutes to get to the first slide that tells you about PP. Then it practically feels as if it will never load again after that and you're just left with a black screen. Only when you're lucky does this app get you to the main page. Then once you click to do something on the app, it takes another couple EONS to load, and all you end up with is a black screen. I'm truly sorry for the lengthy inconvenience of this review, but there was no other way I could have explained the persisting problems resulting of this app. Please fix this with an update, but if not, I recommend all future users to look into another non-problematic app. Trust me, this app is not worth your time or your money for that matter. I'm sure I will try this app again only if the inconvenient issues are resolved. Thank you. :D

Cant hear

I had finally got in after figuring out the whole email thing, but when I got on I tried playing but I couldnt hear the music! Fail.... Oh, and it doesnt even teach piano...




This app is lame..shiesty with purchases and hardly works/functions. Deleted!

Does not function

You go through the numerous steps of having to sign up, waiting activation email, etc and then unable to log on to use the program. Complete waste of time. Should at least be able to play as a "guest" if the servers are not functional to allow users login access.


Registration is odd, the instructions for entering your email is in really poor English. After all that the first song I was going to play cost $5.99 - what a scam...


U should add K-Pop songs as well


It wouldn't let me log on.


All the registration is stupid I wanted to play it as soon as it was downloaded!!

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