Piano Lesson PianoMan App Reviews

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Accidentally found this app, but now I m addicted. Nice sound,nice decoration,nice songs!!! Play like a pro! If anyone loves piano apps, I recommend this!


Macht richtig Spaß.

Great game

Definatly worth .99 would pay more! Loved it!


this is such a fun game and its so cheap!!

love it!

I love this piano game. Its fun and cheap, and with the new update that adds the accompaniment makes it much better than some of the other piano games out there. You also have to play in time with the scrolling dots so you can actually play like the song is supposed to be played.

Good & fun application

Should add more music though~

best piano game

definitely worth to buy

Definitely worth the money

This game is definitely worth the 99 cents. Its very entertaining. It would be nice to have new songs, but its fine as it is.


I bought the full version right after I played the free one. Really fun to play, well worth the money. It would be helpful if u guys could plz add a restart button somewhere, so I dont have to go back to the home page everytime when I make a mistake and want to replay the song. Other than that, great app!

Great game

..but why does it tell me to download more apps when I start it up? Id like a nice, clean interface with no ads since I paid for it. Put the new games un the menu or something, not the splash screen.


This game is definitly a hidden gem. Its a mix of a virtual piano, and guitar hero. Everyone who I have shown it too has loved playing it. Very cheap and keeps you busy for hours! Lots of fun. :)

Dissapointing Upgrade

What a nerve for them to insert advertising into the newly upgraded paid version 3.0. The new version now loads very slowly, and is all about getting us to buy new music scores at an overpriced $0.99 EACH! All-in-all a very disappointing upgrade to an otherwise excellent program. I give it a 1-star because of my dissapointment with the upgrade.

Upgrade= Lame

I loved this app before the upgrade. Having ads on it is simple ridiculous! It also loads much much slower! Im also annoyed at the fact you have to pay a buck for a new song. Thats the price of the whole application. Its kind of stingy of them.

Music Lovers Dream!

This app is by far the most user friendly and genuine piano available for the iPhone. I have EVERY Piano Man Application and anticipate what they will release next. Although this app has dramatically increased in price, and Im obviousely not super happy about the 8$ increase, I will still download them because they are absolutely flawless. The new 3.0 adds organization and accessability to the apps as a whole and although many complain that there are "ads" interfering with their play time, I find it reasonable and appreciate that I have the latest news about what is new and upcomming from Yudo. And - the old version had that anyways people- the first page where you used to choose "Music Start" or "Web Start".. Just above that - their ad. Keep em commin!


Great app if you like the piano but never got a chance to play. The Sound is good and its not too hard to play the easy songs, but very challenging for the hard ones. This paid version loads a little slowers but nothing terrible. It comes with enough songs to play a while, but the wide selection of songs to purchase are a little expensive at 0.99$ each.

Its free now?

Still loading WAY to slow but since the app I paid money for is now FREE with IN APP PURCHASES I guess nobody will complain about the slow load time or the ads. I like that you added a live challenge. Is there really always 4 ppl online playing the exact song I picked at the same time I picked it? Or is it a computer? What are the note points I get for scoring high? What are they for? Just my ranking or can you spend them in the store or what? I cant find help on anything.

Wish the load time was faster

My kids love it and it is nice to introduce them to some of the classics on the piano. Just wish it wouldnt take so long to load. The kids know that they have to wait a while before they can use it as the load time is so long at the beginning. Keep up the good work.

Good game

Heh heh for a second there I thought I could play the songs I bought on iTunes but then again that would be kinda hard wow I must be kinda dumb any ways good game

Its Great!

Very good app for Free! please put up more songs

I love this piano, but...

This is the best piano app on the iPhone and iPod touch. I had an iPod touch but it broke and I use to play it on the iPod touch but Now I play it on the iPhone and I just love it. This is my way of passing time. I can play this for hours and hours.. BUT.. I just noticed that there was an upload and it is better but can you please add the weekly songs in the normal music list because I love Vivaldi spring and I would hate to lose it but I really wanna play the new song.. I just hope you guys do that for next time and just add all the weekly songs so they are permanent. Another thing but this isnt as important, can you guy make an option to add players? There were a couple of people I wanted to play with again but I relized you cant add them. I think you should be able to add people and see what they are playing and be a ble to join them or challenge them. I really hope you do this. Edit: Ok I have relized that some of the people are fake like Mr. Steeldrum and them and everybody I play it says they are novice. Im pretty sure not EVERYONE I play with is a novice. Please change some of these things Thank you

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